Palaces in India

The cultural diversity and the historical heritage of India has till today been wonderfully preserved by the numerous palaces situated here. The grand Forts and Palaces in India are scattered all over the sub continent with a great number of them concentrated in Rajasthan and Gujarat and a few but majestic ones in the Southern regions of the country.

Other than being magnificent architectural pieces, these palaces in India have several legends and fables to narrate of the royal masters and their families who resided in them. Although many of them are no longer serving as residential complexes for the royal families, they are fascinating and attract tourists nonetheless.

Several Palaces in India have been converted into heritage hotels where one can be a guest and admire its beauty from close quarters and even imagine of a life, kingsize!

Make sure to relive the royalty by visiting these palaces, while on your trips to India.
Famous Palaces in India
Forts and Palaces Tours in India
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